Why Private Chinese Lesson?

What is the difference between the Class Chinese Lesson?

What students are suitable for Private Chinese Lesson?

Private Chinese Lesson or Class Chinese Lesson?

Private Chinese Lesson is One tutor teaching to One student

Is Private Lesson or Class Lesson better for learning Chinese language?

Private Chinese lesson is one tutor teaching to one student, the student learning will be focused on.

However, Class Chinese lesson is one tutor teaching to a lot of students, it is quite difficult for the tutor to control the teaching pace in a class,because some students are fast learner,some students are not.

The other benefit for Private Chinese Lesson is the tutor coming to the student’s place, and the student only need to re-arrange the lesson time with the tutor if he (she) needs to change a date for a lesson.

However, for Class Chinese Lesson, the student need to travel to the school to attend the lesson, and lesson time is fixed every week. The student is not able to attend the class on the day which he (she) is on the business trip.

What students are suitable for Private Chinese Lesson?

The students might wonder “Am I suitable for Private Chinese Lesson or Class Chinese Lesson ?” before they decide to learn Chinese. Some students ara suitable for Class Lesson and some students are suitable for Private Lesson. If the student feel himself(herself) is fast learner or they want to practice more oral language skills, they should attend individual lesson.

Want to improve oral Chinese language skills after Class Lesson

Attending Class Chinese Lesson with lots of classmates from all of the world seems happier. However individual’s oral language practice time is limited in classroom.

For Private Chinese Lesson, the student will have more chances of speaking with his (her) private tutor, once the student makes mistake, he (she) will get correction by the tutor immediately.

Private Chinese Tutors understand the student’s weakness, is able to meet the student’s individual requirements to teach.

Some students are too shy to ask questions in class especially in front of foreign tutors and some students might worry they will be laughed by their classmates when they ask the silly questions in class.

However, these students are feeling free to ask questions when they face their private tutor.

What is the Disadvantage of Private Lesson?

Less competition environment

The student might think the biggest disadvantage of Private Chinese Lesson is the hourly tuition fee is much higher than Class Lesson. It is worth paying more tuition fee if the student does make more progress from individual learning.

The other disadvantage of Private Lesson is the student has no partner to learn with, in another words there is no competition environment, which will not help the student have more motivation on their learning. Especially for the exam preparation lesson such as HSK etc.