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I am a Mandarin Class Hong Kong Founder as well as a Private Chinese Mandarin Tutor.

I have been teaching mandarin in Hong Kong over 10 years.

The Right Tutor. The Fast Achivement.

Creative Mandarin Tutor Provides Customised Private Lesson. Students Orientation, You Will NEVER Feel Bored During Her Class. You Only Pay Your Tuition Fee After Each Lesson. No Need To Prepay As Some Other Tutor Does.


Language Guru

She is a Mandarin tutor, as well as a language Guru who masters English and Japanese.

English & Japanese

She has a lot of experience to share with you, and helps you learn Mandarin in the easy way.

Life Experience

She was born in the central China, and left her hometown when she was 13.

China Multi-Culture

She received advanced education in Beijing.She is familiar with the culture and language diversity from Northern to Southern.

Customized Lesson

She provides customized lesson, which are designed specifically for your needs.

Tailor-Made Lessons

Provides General Chinese Course, Chinese Listening Course, Chinese Oral Speaking Course and your tailor-made Chinese Course.

Time & Location

She is flexible to teach you at your preferred time and location within Hong Kong.

Flexible Style

She is flexible to teach you at your preferred time and location,so you don’t need to pay the venue cost in the teaching center.

Website Guru

As a website design Guru, She setup and promotes the a E-learning website on her own.

Self Webmaster

She setup and promotes the website on her own. She has minimized the web promotion cost which many other tutors would have included in their fee.

Free Access

She created a Mandarin Chinese self-exam system of each lesson for her students.

Learning System

The students will receive sufficient exercises after each Mandarin lesson, and check the level progress through this E-learning website.

Multi-nationalities Students Worldwide

Meet Our Outstanding Students in 2014

Lauren DJ
Lauren DJUSA Young Couple
They started to learn Mandarin in June 2014, they made a obviously progress in speaking, listening, writing and reading.

Role Play conversation in Mandarin recorded after 25 private lessons
Christine Zwahlen
Christine ZwahlenSwiss Young Professional
She speaks seven foreign language, started to learn mandarin in May 2014, she now has reached intemediate level.

Self introduction in Chinese in the china factory recorded after 45 private lessons, started from zero point
Beth Strickland
Beth StricklandUSA Friendly Young Professional
She started to learn mandarin in 2014 from zero beginning, she now has reached intemediate level has made many chinese friends.

Self introduction in Chinese about her and her family.

Meet Our Outstanding Students in 2015

PriyeshIndian Young Professional
He started to learn Mandarin in March 2015, he’s learning mandarin for his chinese colleagues.

Family member introduction in Chinese recorded after 14 private lessons,total 21 hours, started from zero point
MayumiJapanese Housewife
She started to learn Mandarin in Nov 2015, Self introduction including her nationality, hobbies, the places she has been to and where she is planning to go for Christmas in 2015.

Recorded after 8 private lessons,total 12 hours.
MisakiJapanese Flight Cabin Crew
She started to learn Mandarin in Nov 2015, a quick leaner and has been working very hard on her Mandarin learning. She is working for one of Hong Kong airlines.

Recorded after 7 private lessons,total 10.5 hours.

Meet Our Outstanding Students in 2016

Ana Castano
Ana CastanoMexican American Student from Hong Kong PolyU
She started to learn Mandarin in Feb 2016, she is a a Mexican American Exchange Student from Hong Kong PolyU, a cute girl with a good memory, working hard for school mandarin quiz.

Recorded after 6 private lessons,total 6 hours.
Mike Poon
Mike PoonCanadian Chineses Law Student
He started to learn Mandarin in Sep 2016, Canadian Chinese moved back to Hong Kong, law student from Hong Kong Chinese University, now working hard for his Law studies and Mandarin Speaking.





Chinese Made Easy Text Books Level 1 – Level 5

(Simplified Characters) (English and Mandarin Chinese Edition)

Chinese Made Easy has five levels: Book 1, 2 and 3, 4 and 5, with textbooks (incl. CDs), workbooks. After completing this series, learners will acquire a vocabulary of approximately 1,700 Chinese characters and several thousand phrases. This course features task-based learning coupled with a focus on form and function. Textbooks are in full color and include both simplified and traditional Chinese characters on vocabulary lists.



Chinese Made Easy Workbooks Level 1 – Level 5

(Simplified Characters) (English and Mandarin Chinese Edition)





Chinese Mandarin Group Courses

Mandarin Courses run throughout the year.Student is required to commit to a full course of classes.

Mandarin Tutorial rates are charged per student, per 1 hour session, once weekly. Rates include all customised learning materials, text books are not included.

Rates for additional classes can be provided upon request. A deposit of one class is needed to secure a place. Full payment is required 1 weeks before commencement of the course.

Mandarin Class Hong Kong Group Lesson

Elementary Level - For Beginners
Date:Monday(4 lessons/Month)13:30 pm~14:30 pm
Location:Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon Side
Tuition Fee:HKD800/Month(Rates include all customised learning materials, text books are not included.)

1. Your Name(Must)

2. Your Nationality(Must)

3. Email Address (Must)

4. Gender(Must)
 Male Female 

5. Are you a beginner student?(Must)

6. Preferred Lesson Date and Time?(Must)
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7. Other Requests

Chinese Mandarin One to One Private Lessons

Mandarin one to one private lessons run throughout the year.Student is required to prepaid tuition fee of one week to make a reservation.

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